The Best Global Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi Offering Primary And High School Education

Abu Dhabi primary schools

Abu Dhabi has a very large number of Indians living and working there. This is on account of its geographical proximity to India and the fact that the emirate affords Indians a very high standard of living. That is the reason why so many of them live there for many years along with their families including their children. 

The fact that there is a very large number of global Indian schools in Abu Dhabi means that they can provide their children with the same education that they would get back home in India. Let us look at a few such Abu Dhabi primary schools and high schools.

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi

Global Indian International School, Abu Dhabi is one of the best known K to 12 schools in the emirate catering to the educational requirements of not only Indian and other expat children living in the region, but also local Arab ones. 

The school has a sprawling 21st century campus which boasts every conceivable facility and amenity to make holistic education possible. This means that the students of the school are provided with the means to excel at both studies and a range of extra and co curricular activities.

Besides, the school has some of the most qualified and experienced teachers anywhere, who leave no stone unturned in ensuring that its students grow to the best of their potential. The curricula offered by the school include Global Montessori Plus and CBSE. 

GIIS Abu Dhabi is part of a global network of Indian international schools and has a fantastic track record with regard to academics and the ability of its students to obtain admission to the best colleges and universities.

Abu Dhabi Indian School

Abu Dhabi Indian School was founded way back in 1975, making it the oldest Indian curriculum school in the emirate. This K to 12 CBSE school offers a very holistic environment for the growth and development of every child by exposing them to a sterling academic environment and a whole range of extracurricular activities. It also employs some of the most highly experienced teachers anywhere who are backed by years of teaching experience.

The school has two well appointed campuses with a host of cutting edge amenities and facilities which make learning a joy and pleasure. Abu Dhabi Indian School, having been around for such a long time, is extremely popular with the huge Indian expat population living in the region as the place to send their children to for a world class education. 

Their faith in the school is well repaid by the sterling academic performance of its students, as well as their ability to obtain admission to the top colleges and universities of the world. 

The Model School, Abu Dhabi

The Model School, Abu Dhabi is one of the best known Indian schools in the emirate. The school follows the CBSE syllabus till standard 7 and the Kerala board thereafter till standard 12. Everything about the school ranging from its infrastructure and facilities to its highly experienced teachers is out of the top drawer. 

Founded in 1987, the school has gone on to become amongst the most sought after Indian schools amongst the Indian expat community living in the region. The school not only hones the academic skills of its students but also provides them with ample opportunity to excel at a range of extracurricular activities. 

Besides, it also lays a lot of stress on imparting the right kind of moral values to the students ensuring that they grow up into well rounded individuals possessing the best kind of character that stands them in good stead in their lives ahead. The stellar academic track record of the school, as well as the success of its students in obtaining admission to the best institutions of higher learning, is a testament to the school’s success.


The global Indian schools of Abu Dhabi are as good as the best schools in the world in terms of their infrastructure, ambience, pedagogy and academic results. As a matter of fact, these schools have played a significant role in putting Abu Dhabi on the world education map. The emirate is already a regional hub of world class schools that cater to the educational requirements of a large number of expat and local students living in the region.

Going forward, one can expect these schools to continue to play a key role in ensuring that Abu Dhabi always remains an attractive destination for Indian professionals thinking of taking up residence in the emirate along with their families including children. The presence of top rated Indian schools ensures that their children don’t lose out on the opportunity to receive the same kind of education they would have got had they stayed back in India.

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