Gynaecology Specialists in Noida

Gynaecology Specialists in Noida

If you have a gynecological problem, it is crucial that you consult with a doctor who has extensive experience and commitment to women’s healthcare. When choosing your provider, make sure they offer extensive expertise and dedication towards women’s wellbeing.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla is an obstetrician and gynecologist with her own clinic. She possesses years of experience treating various conditions relating to infertility.

For general gynaecology in Noida, opt for Niraamaya Clinic. 

  1. Dr. Bhumika Shukla

Dr. Bhumika Shukla, a highly sought-after Gynecologist in Noida with over 13 years of experience. She enjoys an excellent reputation among patients due to her friendly manner and ethical practice, often treating complex gynecological cases successfully and providing best possible treatment plans.

Dr. Argent has performed many surgical procedures such as Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic Myomectomy and Gynecologic Endoscopy. She has also participated in clinical trials to enhance the quality of her services and treatments.

She obtained both her MBBS and DGO from Gauhati Medical College and Silchar Medical College respectively, before becoming certified with FICOG (Indian Council of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists). Currently she practices at Cloudnine Hospital in Noida’s Sector 51 location where she excels at normal vaginal deliveries, High-Risk Obstetrics management, Recurrent Miscarriage management and Gynecological Endoscopy; she also has extensive expertise in Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). Practo has many happy patients!

  1. Dr. Deepa Aggarwal

Dr. Deepa Aggarwal is one of the premier gynaecologists in Noida with over two decades of experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, specialising in laparoscopic surgeries, normal deliveries and high-risk pregnancies as well as infertility management.

At Cloudnine Hospital in Noida’s Sector 51, she takes an integrated approach to patient care that prioritizes nutrition and mental well-being as key elements of overall health. In addition, she keeps abreast of advances in her field while remaining up-to-date with modern medicine practices that meld seamlessly with traditional wisdom.

Dr. Monika Chauhan earned her MBBS at NRS Medical College and Hospital in 2004, followed by DGO training from NRS Medical College and Hospital and DNB Gynecology certification from M R Bangur Hospital, Kolkata. With over two decades of experience in both gynecology and obstetrics – including many successful surgeries such as total laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy procedures – and membership to both FOGSI and IMA.

  1. Dr. Satwika Dey

Dr. Satwika Dey is an esteemed gynecologist with vast expertise in both obstetrics and gynecology, practicing at Cloudnine Hospital, Sector 51 Noida and known for offering her patients high-quality treatment. Understanding that visiting a Gynecologist may be daunting for some people, she ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere when meeting with patients as well as taking time to listen carefully to any of their concerns or queries.

She has performed over 7500 gynecological surgeries successfully. She specializes in normal deliveries, high-risk obstetrics, complex laparoscopic procedures and membership of both the Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of India as well as Indian Medical Association.

She earned both her MBBS from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur and MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Delhi University, in addition to receiving training in advanced surgical techniques such as laparoscopic total hysterectomy, ovarian cystectomy and myomectomy.

  1. Dr. Neha Raj

Noida’s premier gynaecologists excel in managing childbirth complexities and ensuring an easy delivery. In addition to routine deliveries, these obstetricians also assist with cesarean sections if necessary and treat various gynecological diseases ranging from puberty through menopause.

Dr. Mithee Bhanot is a Senior Consultant of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Apollo Hospital Noida. Her specialty lies in High-Risk Pregnancy Care as well as Gynecological Laparoscopy; with vast experience treating conditions like Uterine Fibroids and Recurrent Miscarriage.

Dr. Satwika Dey is an accomplished obstetrician and gynecologist practicing at Motherland Hospital in Noida’s Sector 119. After earning her MBBS at Gauhati Medical College, she went on to obtain both DGO and MRCOG qualifications – performing more than 100 surgeries for both medical termination of pregnancy, complex pregnancies treatments as well as online consultations. Her patients highly recommend her.

  1. Dr. Sanchita Dube Ghonge

Dr. Sanchita Dube Ghonge, MD is one of the foremost gynaecologists in Noida with over two decades of experience. Specializing in high-risk obstetrics and laparoscopy surgery, as well as treating various gynaecological issues, she is well respected within the medical fraternity, having received multiple awards in recognition of her hard work in this area of medicine.

She currently practices gynecology at Cloudnine Hospital, Noida Sector 51 and utilizes both modern medical practices and traditional wisdom to offer comprehensive women’s healthcare to her patients.

She received her MBBS from Rani Durgawati Vishwa Vidyalaya in Jabalpur and MS in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Nagpur Medical College, boasting an exemplary track record that includes having delivered thousands of babies successfully as an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) practitioner as well as being qualified in-vitro fertilisation practitioner (IVF practitioner). Furthermore, she has published many books related to women’s health as an author as well as being a member of Medical Council of India.

  1. Dr. Bindu Srivastava

Dr. Bindu Srivastava, MD is an esteemed Gynecologist in Noida with over 10 years of experience treating women from all age groups and specialising in IVF, Fertility Conserving Procedures, Complicated Pregnancy Care and Gynaec Laparoscopy. Additionally she boasts an impressive educational background including DNB, MBBS and MRCOG certifications.

She is a highly sought-after Gynecologist in Noida affiliated with Motherhood Hospitals. She specializes in fertility treatments, laparoscopy hysterectomy procedures, high risk pregnancy care and endocrinology services. She earned both an MBBS from Rani Durgawati Vishwa Vidyalaya as well as an MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Nagpur Medical College.

Current services as a Gynecologist at Cloudnine Hospital in Sector 51 Noida. She has extensive experience with Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), Infertility Treatment and Caesarean Sections; additionally she supports natural birthing processes helping her patients have healthy babies through skilled guidance.

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