How Does the NDIS Price Guide Impacts Participants and Providers?

NDIS price guide

The NDIS price guide has now been renamed NDIS pricing arrangements and Price Limits. It is updated every year on the 1st of July by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This price guide mentions the highest possible fee an NDIS service provider can charge a participant.

NDIA updates the limits every year based on lifestyle and economic changes in the country. A provider and participant can negotiate for a lower fee than the maximum limit, but it should not be more than what is mentioned in this guide.

What Supports Are Funded under NDIS Price Guide?

These are a few support services a participant can get under this set price limit:

  • Support for everyday activity
  • Transport facility to enable a participant to be proactive in their community and lead a better life.
  • Therapeutic support.
  • Any required workplace support to be able to keep their employment
  • Home modifications and designing to help them live a better life.

What Are Supports Not Covered Under the Guide?

Your NDIS plan manager may include some support activities in your plan with no set limit for the charges. Some of them include:

  • Any support that is the responsibility of other government
  • If the support activity does not concern the participant’s disability.
  • Any day-to-day living support which is unrelated to their disability.
  • If it is an activity that would cause harm to the participant or others around them.

What Does the Price Guide Mean for Participants?

The NDIS price guide helps ensure that a participant receives a service worth their money. With a maximum limit set, it prevents providers from overcharging the participants. This way, every participant can budget the funding they receive and plan the support they need accordingly.

The guide may seem overwhelming initially, but it makes participants more flexible with their choice of providers and the support they truly require.

What Does the Price Guide Means for Providers?

NDIA updates the NDIS price guide annually to ensure it sets a reasonable and fair price for the providers. This helps providers receive a fair value for their services and encourages their participation.

NDIS doesn’t allow a registered provider to charge a price higher than the price guide. If you have got your plan from an NDIS plan manager at NDSP, then the participant cannot charge you more than the limits set in the guide. However, an unregistered provider has no such obligation to remain within that price limit.

The purpose of NDIA is to provide funding to disabled people so that they can attain a better lifestyle. It helps them keep their job, become proactive in their community, and get more time with friends and family. A person not eligible for NDIS can also seek assistance under the programme without availing services of an NDIS plan manager.

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