12 Things to Know About 9 Gems Scholarships

9 GEMS Scholarships

If you’re a student of GIIS, you have many scholarships at your disposal. One of the most renowned scholarships is the 9 Gems Scholarship. If you’re keen to apply for this scholarship, this is the perfect blog for you.

In this blog, we will share the 12 things you should know about the 9 GEMS Scholarships to assist you with every minor detail you should know to improve your shortlist chances.

Let’s begin.

Awardees can avail upto 60% off on tuition fees.

The 9 Gems Scholarship is one of the best scholarships awarded by GIIS. It offers scholarships in the range of 20-60%, thus providing significant financial relief to skilled students who have met the scholarship criteria.

The scholarship is divided into three broad categories. Based on the category you fall in, you can avail 20%, 40% or 60% off on school tuitions.

9 Gems Scholarship has a tenure of one year.

This scholarship is applicable for one year for high and secondary school. This means that if you are a recipient of this scholarship, you will get a tuition fee discount for one year, after which it will expire. To avail this scholarship in the following year, you need to apply for it all over again.

You need to apply between 1-31 January to avail this scholarship.

The scholarship window for 9 Gems is between January 1-31. This means that you have to apply for this scholarship within this period.

If you’re confident that you are eligible for this scholarship, do your research beforehand and keep relevant documents handy to not miss the deadline.

All students in classes 1-12 who meet the eligibility criteria can apply.

Most scholarships offered by GIIS are exclusively for students from specific classes. As such, a lot of the scholarships are limited in scope and exclusive in nature.

On the contrary, the 9 GEMS Scholarship is more inclusive when compared to its counterparts. Any student in classes 1-12 can apply for this spectacular scholarship as long as they meet the scholarship-specific criteria i.e. recognition in any 9 GEMS skills.

It is based on the 9 Gems Education Framework.

The 9 Gems Scholarship is instituted to achieve the goals of the 9 Gems Education Model. The 9 Gems is an award-winning teaching methodology that encourages students to pursue extracurricular activities, helps students shape their personalities, identify their strengths, and meet their changing needs to become responsible and well-rounded students.

This program is well known both locally and internationally for having integrated and unique learning spheres that provide holistic education. This model encourages students to develop and hone their skills outside of academics.

To encourage students to achieve more, pursue their passion, and develop their talent in any 9 Gems skills, GIIS came up with the 9 Gems Scholarship. Through this scholarship, GIIS hopes to achieve the twin objective of subsiding education and creating skilled students.

Scholarship can be terminated if the student submits incorrect information.

The scholarship once granted, can also be taken away if the information provided by the candidate is wrong or misleading. So if you’re applying for this scholarship, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Moreover, ensure that all your documents can be cross-verified.

This scholarship encourages students to strive for excellence.

Given the tuition discounts that come with the 9 Gems Scholarship, the competition remains vibrant and as challenging as ever. Students need to be accomplished in the 9 Gems skills. And most importantly, they need to present themselves as a more qualified candidate than their adversaries. As such, this scholarship helps promote a spirit of healthy competition amongst the students.

The application process for this scholarship is simple and straightforward.

If you fulfill the eligibility criteria and have the confidence to apply for this scholarship, applying for this scholarship is as easy as taking a stroll in the park. The application process is simple and straightforward – thus encouraging people to apply without hesitation.

Here are the steps you can take to apply for this scholarship:

  • Download the application form.

  • Fill all the relevant fields provided in the application form.

  • Attach personal documents, including portfolio and personal statement.

  • Send your application.

Students with speaking skills have a better chance of getting the scholarship.

Post application, students will have a scholarship assessment test and an interview where they will have to interact with influential members of the scholarship committee.

It helps if the student is confident and can satisfactorily answer all questions as it shows to the panel that they are capable candidates. Speaking skills thus proves to be incredibly handy to ace the interview.

Recipients get a sense of achievement with this scholarship.

Getting awarded a scholarship is no easy task, and as such, this scholarship instils a feeling of accomplishment in the students. Given how this scholarship is challenging to get, the satisfaction that comes with receiving the scholarship stands unmatched.

9 Gems Scholarships reduce the costs of education.

This scholarship makes education affordable for deserving students at GIIS. As the cost reduces, the burden of tuition fees reduces for the parents. As such, this scholarship makes education more accessible for students from low to mid-income families who struggle with paying their school tuition fees.

Helps students pursue and hone their skills within the school

There is no greater motivation for a student than to be accepted and recognized for their skills. There is no greater driving force than to have a platform to pursue their skills within the school.

GIIS goes against the grain of conventional school education by focusing on developing skills and talent outside of academics. Moreover, it inspired students to become better at the skills they’re already good at – thus paving the way for success in all possible areas.

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