rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app

rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app

Rajkot Updates – Ministry of Transport Launches Road Safety Navigation App

The ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app service to alert drivers about accident-prone zones, speed breakers and sharp curves. This initiative is part of the government’s efforts to reduce road accidents and deaths.

This app will be launched by Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday. It is a free service for users and provides voice and visual alerts about upcoming accidents. Here we will discuss about rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app.

Road Safety App

The ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app to help Rajkot residents stay safe while travelling. The app will provide updates on traffic conditions, including road closures and diversions. It will also offer advice on how to avoid potential hazards.

The app will use data gathered from the Rajkot City Transport Authority and Rajkot Traffic Police to provide information about road closures, accidents, and other road hazards. This information will be displayed on an interactive map, making it easy to find a safer route to travel.

Drivers will be able to get real-time alerts about hazardous areas on the roads, and they will have access to emergency services in case of an accident. It is hoped that the app will help drivers stay safe and avoid costly roadside repairs.

This new technology is part of the ministry’s goal to minimize the number of road accidents in India. The app will also be a platform for citizens and authorities to report and broadcast any unsafe area or road issue on the map, allowing the government to quickly address these concerns.

Moreover, the app will also provide voice and visual alerts about upcoming accident-prone zones, speed breakers, sharp curves, and potholes on the roads. This effort is a result of a pact between IIT Madras and digital tech business MapmyIndia.

Another technology that can be used to improve road safety is the use of sensors in smartphones. The sensors can detect traffic congestion and reroute traffic to avoid it. This helps drivers stay safer on the road, while reducing the amount of time they spend in traffic jams.

In addition, it can also collect road and weather information for users to plan their routes safely. These sensors can also be integrated with the mobile phone’s GPS, enabling it to track a user’s location and send notifications when an accident occurs or when there are any changes to road conditions.

While the app is being developed, the ministry of transport will be working with MapmyIndia to ensure that it provides accurate information about traffic problems on the roads. Eventually, the app will be available to all users in Gujarat.

Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030

Road crashes are the world’s biggest killer of children and young people. They claim 1.3 million lives every year and injure about 20 to 50 million more, a huge burden on global society.

The United Nations has proclaimed the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 in Resolution A/RES/74/299 of the UN General Assembly, with a target to reduce road deaths and injuries by 50% by 2030 (adjusted in August 2020). The Global Plan for the Decade of Action provides a blueprint for governments around the world to take action to achieve these goals.

To meet the ambitious goal of reducing road deaths and serious injuries by 50%, countries need to shift their mindset from a fragmented, siloed approach to a safe system perspective that recognizes transport as a complex system requiring safety at its core. This is a promising paradigm that acknowledges that transportation system managers, vehicle manufacturers, law enforcement officers, land use planners, health sector and road users all play a role in mitigating the risk of death or serious injury on the roads, as interconnected stakeholders operating within a safe systems framework.

In line with this approach, the Decade of Action for Road Safety focuses on achieving safer roads and vehicles through improving road design and maintenance; law enforcement; and emergency care. It also highlights the importance of supporting walking, cycling and public transport as inherently healthy modes of travel.

In addition to this global approach, the Decade of Action for Road safety calls on all government and non-government partners to work together in national and local strategies that address the specific challenges faced by their countries. This includes integrating the activities proposed in the Global Plan into their policies and programmes, as well as advocating for measures that will help to achieve these goals at the national level.

DEKRA’s Road Safety Report

DEKRA has published its annual Road Safety Report for the 14th year in a row. The Report highlights the steps that are needed to achieve Vision Zero – the goal of fewer accidents, no fatalities and serious injuries in road traffic.

Among other things, this includes a focus on the people factor in road safety. Despite many advances in technology, people still make up the majority of road accident victims.

This has been confirmed by an analysis of road accident data from the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of Transport. In Baden-Wurttemberg, around 20% of all driving accidents on federal, state and district roads involving young drivers were caused by misjudgments or risky maneuvers.

According to the study, this is particularly the case on roads with narrow lanes and tight curve radii. This is why inexperienced drivers often have trouble following the course of the road with their vehicle, explains DEKRA expert Niewohner.

Another important aspect in road safety is ensuring that the vehicle is properly equipped with reliable assistance systems. In particular, attention-activating systems should be taught during driver training in order to alert the driver to dangerous situations.

However, they should not replace the need for regular technical inspections by the manufacturer. These ensure that the tire contact with the road surface remains stable and that the vehicle’s safety functions can be optimized.

The presentation of the Road Safety Report is an important event for DEKRA in its role as a pioneer in road safety. It provides concrete recommendations for action and can be used to inspire politicians, industry and associations as well as to raise awareness of road safety issues in society.

Jann Fehlauer, managing director of DEKRA Automobil GmbH, emphasised: “The fact that more young people die in road accidents worldwide every year than from HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis should be a wake-up call for all those involved. This is a major responsibility and must be counteracted with all possible measures.”

During the intervention, DEKRA experts also stressed the importance of proper practical driving training for both normal drivers and professional passengers. They also called for a greater focus on higher-level skills such as self-control, acceptance of traffic rules and the ability to perceive danger in time.

Global Plan for Road Safety [rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app]

The ministry of transport will launch a road safety nay plan to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on roads. The plan aims to achieve a road traffic accident reduction rate of 5 – 10% annually from 2021 until 2045 and will be implemented in a sustainable manner. The aim is to achieve a vision of “Vision Zero” in which no one dies from road accidents.

The Global Plan is a blueprint to inspire and guide National and Local Government, Stakeholders such as Civil Society, Academia, Private sector, Donors and Community and Youth Leaders to develop National Action Plans, Targets and Initiatives for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

This Global Plan outlines recommended actions drawn from proven and effective interventions, as well as best practices for preventing road trauma. The Global Plan should be used as a framework for national and local plans that are tailored to the country’s context, available resources and capacity.

It also highlights that the target of a 50% reduction in road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030 is realistic and achievable. Countries can achieve this if the existing technical and governance solutions are consistently implemented over the coming decade.

Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) account for over 90% of all road traffic fatalities, so achieving this target will require a focus on these countries. This will need to include increased attention to road safety in multinational companies operating in LMICs, a focus on ensuring their local transportation infrastructure is safe and the establishment of regional networks and alliances that can help increase leverage.

The Global Plan draws inspiration from the Stockholm Declaration and the World Report on Road Safety and is designed to promote a Safe System approach that recognizes that human, vehicle and road infrastructure must all work together in a way that ensures a high level of safety. It also emphasizes that comprehensive road safety reform is needed to address the root causes of crashes. Moreover, it stresses that strong post-crash response is crucial to reducing road fatalities and injuries. This can include coordination mechanisms, stronger professional medical care and post-crash investigation, as well as social, judicial and financial support to bereaved families and survivors. If you need more information of rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app just click on the link.

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