Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Galaxy Smarttag Smartthings

Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Galaxy Smarttag Smartthings

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag – The Easy Way to Make Your Home Smart

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is an easy way to make your home smart. It doesn’t require a hub and works entirely on its own.

The Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Galaxy Smarttag Smartthings recently launched a new smart tag that will enable users to keep tabs on their belongings and improve security in their homes. Today, Samsung is also expanding the smart tags ecosystem with two new features that make it even easier for people to find their valuables.

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SmartThings Find

Samsung’s SmartThings Find service is an extension of its existing Find My Mobile app and it lets you locate any Galaxy devices – including smartphones, tablets, watches and earbuds – that you have registered with the SmartThings app. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband wireless technology to help you track your missing gadgets.

The app is easy to use and if you have an Android or iPhone running the latest version of Samsung’s SmartThings app, you can get started with SmartThings Find right away. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the SmartThings Find app, you can select your lost device in the app and navigate to find it using a map overlay and augmented reality (AR) step-by-step directions.

This is a pretty great tool that will save you a lot of time if you ever lose your phone, tablet, watch or earbuds. You can even set up a system where SmartThings Find alerts you when it detects a particular object, like a water leak sensor or motion detector.

Another cool thing about SmartThings Find is that it will work even if your lost device is offline, and you can add other Samsung users who have also opted in to find your gear. This is a similar feature to Tile, which has offered this type of functionality for years now.

In the future, Samsung will expand the SmartThings Find service to include tracking tags that are attached to other objects as well as Galaxy devices. This will allow other users to locate your stuff with ease, and it should come as a huge relief to those who have lost their gadgets.

While the company hasn’t yet announced a release date for this feature, it will eventually be available to all users around the world. It will come in an update to the SmartThings app – which is available as a free download on both Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

The update should arrive as a part of an update to the SmartThings app for all Samsung Galaxy devices around the globe that run Android 8 or later. Once you install this update, you can check for the new feature by tapping on the SmartThings Find banner at the bottom of the home screen in the app.


Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, which lets you control your device with your voice. You can tell it to text a contact, check the weather, call a friend or family member, launch apps, and control music playback. It’s also contextually aware, meaning that it can recognise when you’re using an app and take the correct action based on what you’ve told it to do.

It’s not the best assistant around (we’re still waiting for Google Assistant to really come of age), but it does a decent job of helping you get stuff done. It’s particularly useful for texting, sending and receiving reminders, checking the weather, reading out messages you’ve received, and completing actions such as calling your Mum for you.

You can activate Bixby by saying, “Hey, Bixby,” or by pressing and holding the Bixby button on some devices. You can also say, “Hey, Google Assistant,” to launch your home assistant instead of Bixby, although this is a less popular choice.

On many phones, you can also type a command to Bixby by pressing a keyboard icon on the home screen. This is ideal for situations where you need to give Bixby a command that doesn’t involve speaking, such as if you’re in a public place where you don’t want to use your microphone.

With the latest version of Bixby, you can even use natural language to ask it what’s on the TV, where to buy a new couch, and more. It will then personalise its answers based on who you’re talking to, which makes it a lot more responsive than other virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana.

There are also a number of other commands that you can use to control Bixby. These can include changing the brightness level, toggle auto-rotate on or off, and taking a selfie.

It also supports Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, which connects all of your connected devices together in a single, easy-to-use interface. It can be used to control everything from your smart TV to your fridge, as well as your alarm and lighting system. It can also help you control your home’s security, track your location, and more.

Unknown Tag Search

Galaxy SmartTags are Bluetooth and UWB (ultrawideband)-based trackers that ping their locations to Samsung devices in range via the SmartThings network. While this allows you to locate your lost item in real-time, there are also security risks involved. If someone slipped one of these into your purse, backpack or coat pocket, they could be stalking you without your knowledge.

To address this, Samsung has launched a new feature to its SmartThings Find platform that can detect if someone is surreptitiously tracking you using a Galaxy SmartTag device. It’s called Unknown Tag Search, and it scans for Galaxy SmartTags that don’t belong to you but appear to be moving along with you.

You’ll be able to activate this feature by simply pressing a start button in the SmartThings app. This will scan for all unknown Galaxy SmartTags and display them in a list.

It’s similar to Apple’s rumored AirTags feature that can help users avoid getting stalked by people who slip the trackers onto their clothing or belongings. The only thing that makes Apple’s version of this feature different is that the data is encrypted, so only you can see it.

The Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Galaxy Smarttag Smartthings says that its SmartThings Find network now includes more than 70 million registered devices, and it is growing rapidly. The service is gaining new features including voice activated searches and detecting unauthorised and potentially intrusive devices within your proximity.

Another feature will allow you to use Bixby to find things tagged with Galaxy SmartTags, so you won’t need to manually launch the SmartThings app to conduct a search. You’ll be able to tell Bixby the name of the SmartTag you want to find and she’ll share its location with you.

While this update will only work with Galaxy SmartTags and Bluetooth trackers, it’s a welcome addition to the SmartThings ecosystem. It’s a good way to prevent stalkers from planting their own device on you, and it should also help you avoid losing your valuables to thieves.


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