A Guide to Ladies Trousers for Every Occasion

Ladies Trousers

A very important part of women’s clothing is pants. If you thought the tops you wear define your look, boy are you wrong! Your trousers can make our break your look. When you think of trousers, you might imagine just a generic pair of pants under a kameez. This is not even the tip of the iceberg! Ladies trousers, in particular, have such a wide variety of options to choose from, you could spend all day exploring. The different types of pants available can be divided on the basis of occasion – if it’s formal or casual.

Going Formal

Your trousers need to make a statement if you are dressing to impress. here is a list of trouser options that will make your whole Shaadi season!


One of the oldest traditional pants of the subcontinent, gharara pants add an undeniable touch of royalty, grandeur, and formality to your look. The ideal pants for Baraat wear, ghararas refer to a pair of flared trousers with pleats below the knees. They can be made in a range of materials, if you are looking for a flashy pair of pants under a plain kameez, you can pair it with a banarsi or embroidered gharara to liven it up. Conversely if you have a shirt full of embroidery, gota, M prints, or anything flashy and crowded, you can sober it up whilst maintaining its formality, by adding an elegant silk, velvet, or chiffon gharara.


Whether it is a Mehndi, Baraat, or Dholki, this regal, ankle length skirt is the ideal bottom piece to add to your formalwear options. Packed with a range of design options – such as gota, laces, embroidery, and M prints – and materials – such as banarsi, net, silk, georgette, and velvet – lehngas add a formal flair to your outfit. Given their lack of leg compartments, they are also incredibly comfortable to wear. If you’re someone who’s prone to feeling cold, you can even wear a pair of leggings underneath to save you from the December chills! This timeless classic will make you stand out in the crowd.


Sharara pants are an all-time favorite for wedding wear. Commonly known as gharara without the pleats, a shararas feel lighter on your legs, but do not take away from the formality of your clothes. If you are looking for a modern or glamorous look, shararas are the way to go for you. They are available in a range of materials, such as velvet, chiffon, silk, and banarsi, and can glam up even the simplest top, by adding that elegant but eye-catching flair that you are looking for in your Shaadi outfit. Shararas can work with long and short shirts, alike, so you have plenty of design options.


Churidar pajamas are another age-old pants design that never goes out of style. They are tightly cut pants that crinkle at the bottom (around one’s calves) and are worn by both men and women. These look very elegant and highlight the contours of one’s legs without showing much skin. Particularly during the winter, that is the ideal way to flaunt your figure! They can be made from banarsi material, silk, raw silk, cotton, or Rayon, and can be adorned with embroidery or prints at the bottom. When worn in addition to long shirts or frocks, churidar pajamas look absolutely stunning.

Keeping it Casual

The best trouser options for a casual fit focus on comfort, quality, and durability. If they’re soft, chic, and last you a couple of seasons, they are the ideal casual pants. Here are a few types of casual trousers that are wardrobe essentials.


The timeless classic, simple shalwar, offers a level of comfort unmatched by anything else. Loose, airy, and light, the garment is perfect for the Pakistani summer, and can work for women and men of all ages. A shalwar can be worn with a kameez of every style and can be made with a plethora of materials. These include lawn, jamawar, silk, cotton, khaddar, Korean silk, raw silk, linen, and cambric. If you want to glam your outfit up a little, buy a printed or embroidered shalwar.

Cigarette Pants

Another kind of pants that combines comfort, durability, and style is cigarette pants. These are tapered in such a way that they appear snug around the legs, but not fitted. They have a narrow cut that gets narrower at the bottom. Cigarette pants are till date amongst the most wearable and popular cuts amongst pants. Printed cigarette pants or pants with laced hems are very in fashion these days.

Straight Pants

These are the perfect option if you’re looking for something more fitted than a shalwar, but more comfortable than cigarette pants. These slightly tapered trousers give you a nice fitting whilst maintaining the comfort level of loose clothing. The best part about them is their versatility, they can look good with eastern and western tops alike! The wide variety of materials and cuts only helps matters, making them the perfect option to pair with your everyday looks. Whether it’s a printed cotton straight trouser or an embroidered silk one, it is guaranteed to liven your outfit up.

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