5 Tips for Choosing an International School in Singapore

international school in Singapore

School hunting is a daunting task. It takes a lot of effort and hard work. As there are multiple school options for an international school in Singapore, every parent needs to research and explore a lot. They must keep various factors in mind, including the curriculum plan, amenities offered, fee structure, and more. It might sound easy, but the experience will be challenging and overwhelming when you start your search. 

Every school you explore will claim to be the best, but if you dig deeper, you will know not every school offers what it claims. To avoid making a poor choice out of impulsiveness or lack of knowledge, the tips listed below can help. 

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Some Tips For Choosing An International School

Seek recommendations

The simplest way of choosing the best Singapore nursery school is to seek suggestions from fellow parents. We all have a network of people with kids of the same or a little higher age group. Those parents would already have done some research to find the best school for their children. Seeking recommendations from these parents will save you from the daunting research task. You only have to verify that the suggestion they gave suits your needs. Keep your child’s grasping power and needs in mind, and understand that not every child is competitive enough to fit into a rigid classroom training program. So, it is vital to prefer schools with engaging and effective teaching methodologies that make schooling more fun. 

Thorough Research

Another vital tip is to do your own research and explore the relevant school options all by yourself. Check out as many options as possible, as you cannot afford to lose out on the best available choices. You can keep constraints like location, fees, curriculum, and amenities in mind to direct your research towards finding the best school. 

Check the Curriculum and Amenities

The next thing is to check the curriculum plan offered by the school as it is the basis of schooling. It has to be universally recognized, with modern-day strategies that can prepare your child well for international competition. Then, dig a little deeper and see if the school has a vision for the holistic development of its students. Finally, check their website for the service offerings, ensuring they offer equal opportunities in sports, skill-building, and every fine art skill. These things are crucial for a child’s growth, so you shouldn’t compromise them. 

Verify Reputation

You should always check the market reputation of the school you prefer choosing. The simple way is to read the reviews and ratings that other people have left for the school. Give attention to every feedback, reading what people say about their educational quality and amenities. If you see everything great, you know you have reached the right school option. However, negative reviews are a big red flag! 

Personal Visit

In the end, when you have decided on two-three options, you should plan a personal visit on a regular day. First, meet the admission counsellor, asking him to give you a tour of the school amenities and the strategies followed. You should also be observant of the environment at the school. See how nurturing and happy it is for children studying there. Make sure it is a place where your child can adjust well and feel like going every day. 

Following these simple yet effective tips, you can narrow your list of school options available and finalize a school that you feel would be apt. Apart from this, you should not forget to check the staff qualification and verify if the team is efficient enough to deal with children of every age. Stay informed and conduct thorough research to make this decision carefully after analyzing every factor.

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